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Writing an Online Course Mistake: Creating a sales page that is not compelling or convincing

Creating a sales page that is not compelling or convincing is a mistake that can hinder the success of your online course. The sales page is the first impression that potential learners will have of your course, and it's important to make it as engaging and persuasive as possible. If the sales page is not well-written or lacks key information, it's likely that potential learners will lose interest and move on to another course.

To avoid this mistake, it's important to spend some time upfront planning and crafting your sales page. This might involve identifying the unique value proposition of your course and highlighting the specific benefits and outcomes that learners can expect to achieve. You should also include information about the format of the course, the materials that will be provided, and any additional resources or support that will be offered. By creating a compelling and convincing sales page, you can increase the chances that potential learners will enroll in your course.

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